4/23/21: FOTOKINO // “5 grey objects” a portfolio of 5 silkscreen prints by Nathalie Du Pasquier, 2017

Fotokino was the first cultural institution we were introduced to in Marseille and it remains my favorite for years and years. With shows that often have a good humor and great beauty I always arrive and feel immediately at home and inspired. I hope you will be sure to visit them when you come to Marseille and feel the magic. Fotokino initiates excellent publications, editions, lectures, workshops and educational programs, while remaining free of charge to visit, this edition supports their mission and outreach. 

« 5 objets gris » est un portfolio de 5 sérigraphies de Nathalie Du Pasquier. Imprimées en 3 nuances de gris, ces estampes sont présentées dans un carton à dessin fabriqué sur mesure.
Chaque portfolio est numéroté et signé par l’artiste.
Sérigraphies 29 x 29 cm, imprimées à Marseille par l’atelier Nicole Crême sur papier Fedrigoni Sirio Color Perla 290g.
Tirage limité à 50 exemplaires.

“5 grey objects” is a portfolio of 5 silk screen prints by Nathalie Du Pasquier. Printed with 3 shades of grey, these prints are packed in a cardboard made for this edition.
Each portfolio is signed and numbered by the artist.
Silk screen prints 29 x 29 cm, printed in Marseille by Atelier Nicole Crême, on Fedrigoni Sirio Color Perla 290g.

Interview with Vincent Tuset-Anrès, Fotokino, Marseille
Why was the portfolio created?
Since Nathalie du Pasquier’s exhibition at Studio Fotokino in 2015, we have continued to collaborate on different projects, from a distance. What particularly interests Nathalie at Fotokino is our relationship to paper and publishing. This portfolio is part, like the book Milanese (2015) or Sempre Milanese (2020), of the common ground of work and pleasure that Nathalie and I have found. It is a project with no particular reason other than to exist. One of the silkscreens in the series was, however, intended for the ICA in Philadelphia, following the exhibition “Big Objects Not Always Silent”.
Why grey alone?
Nathalie Du Pasquier’s work is associated with color: her decorated surfaces from the Memphis period, her architectures, paintings, all involve compositions based on a color scheme that is her own. Here, she wanted to take the opposite path by working only in shades of grey, to concentrate on the compositions.
How do you know each other?
I have known her work for a long time. But it took me a long time to find the courage to contact her and invite her to Marseille. I did so in 2014, and she was very enthusiastic because, as I explained above, she was very interested in our relationship with paper and publishing. Nathalie is someone who is not bothered by questions of prestige (exhibiting at Fotokino is not quite the same as exhibiting in the great museums all around the world), the question of pleasure and novelty is fundamental to her. It must also be said that in 2014, she had not yet been “rediscovered”. A few nostalgic Memphis publishers were contacting her for design work, but her artistic work had not yet found its place. But this has since been largely rectified. In any case, she had time to work on an exhibition with us!
Our next joint project is again related to publishing: it is a group exhibition that will take place this summer in Burgundy, at the Métairie Bruyère. The place of RLD, a publisher / art printer who has produced a series of prints (lithographs, letterpress, etchings) by artists chosen by Fotokino. Nathalie is one of them.