Greg paints, he makes paintings.

Sometimes he plays with chance, sometimes he creates with calculation. This balance allows him to connect and explore.  At times, he finds his place in deliberate decisions, working in the minutiae; at others he is entirely in the moment, responding to impulse, painting only with a thread dipped in paint, held dangling from above. Regardless of what strikes him, he always comes to a canvas without any clear intention, it is in that moment where he says he feels fearless. 

He used to rarely work with color, he only tapped into it when he moved to Marseille. The light in his studio is so unique, as he describes it, it allows him to access all of the variations in the spectrum.

The names of the works are taken from overheard conversations, “Ou es tu”, Ici non plus” “Mais pas eux”… Pourquoi pas?