5/28/21: CLAUDIO BONUGLIA // LAVA // LAVE // 2021

Claudio walks with the birds, the sun and the trees.
He paints with the elements, fire and water, life eternal, equal.
He catches the wind, the sun and the light.

Lava, a place of life and destruction.
Metamorphosis, liberation, release.
A mediation, a witness, a document of all that breathes.

Claudio’s history is of training and rigidness, a lifetime of contact with the ancients, working with frescos, restoring old and creating new.

Now he gives himself to something raw and truly free.
He is a looker, a wanderer, a listener: he sees, he knows.


Claudio Bonuglia was born in Rome where he attended the Accademia di Belle Arti.

In the first decade of his career he satisfied private client’s demands for exquisite scenic decorations. Working with the architect Maggistretti on a number of significant Italian houses and castles, he created Giotto-like skies, 1:1 trompe L’oeil of Roman temples and ruins, fantastical botanical gardens, etc. For public commissions, he realized the restoration of the Vatican Library ceiling and the frescoes at the Borgia Castle in Subiaco.After a productive time in Italy, he proceeded to reside in New York, Monte Carlo and London to accomplish private projects that took a distance from tradition and moved his work towards a freer language of his own.
His most recent works present the experimentation of different techniques, a place where antiquity meets the new.  These pieces are a more silent research, a simplification of what he has created until now. 
Here, matter and light become a murmured joy.