March 30: more questions and answers about #302

Q:just a few questions, the weekends aren’t possible? 
A: I can’t commit to weekends, but you can watch the space if you would like
Q:just wanted clarification on the title/a group show/ a solo show definition?some people want group, some want solo, I am trying to accommodate both by working with the schedule
 Q:would a specific text be shared/communicated for each round or that is up to the artist/creator?
A: if you have a request let me know, in the web & instagram posting I plan to just put the creators name and details and date they showed
Q:would it be listed as one of the #302 series project?
A: yes, there will be a running documentation on the website which is a blog
Q:can the artist/creator use the space to do a project “live” – (workspace)
A: case by case basis, depends, remember we live there too
Q: do things need to be for sale in regards to the rest of the KIOSK?
A: no