Project Announcement #3O2: English

3 DAYS AT #302

A place to show anything you do

3 Days
Front Room*
Le Corbusier
Cite Radieuse

April 1 – July 1 2021

A group show  / A solo show*

All artists, all creators, all mediums*

First come, first serve…

No openings, just opening hours

You decide what you want to show

Free, no charge

Can’t be here in person? Can’t send things to us?
Send us a link, monitor available for viewing

Check the calendar here, then request a time

Preferably, works to be installed by you on the first day of the show and deinstalled by you on the last (unless you are on the monitor)

The space is fragile and something to consider, no big holes in the walls

Materials available: 6 aluminum frames: 16.5” x 12″, tools and hardware, work light, an easel, a monitor, a printer

For every submission we will take 3 images, send them to you, post them on Instagram and document your work on our site

Physically open 12 – 3pm Tuesday – Friday, and otherwise visible through the window

On the net all the time

A 2021 KIOSK production*

* Room dimensions: 13’ x 13’
*You decide.
* Why? To share the space, because we are curious to see, to bring people together, meet people, to help you do what you do.
* KIOSK is a project run since 2005, devoted to looking and showing