March 26: questions and answers about #302…

Q: In this photo, theres only one wall used for the expo- is that what youre imagining again?
or installation also in the rest of the space?

A: good question, that wall is the only clear, non obstructed wall…otherwise it is possible to install throughout the space, yes

Q: I don’t understand the purpose here – open-ended submissions for exhibition ? No selective decisions? How does this help you? Please explain?

A: We just offer the space, my hours and effort is limited we just share the opportunity we have, I feel the community needs to pitch in and come together, this is what I can give…I’m willing to give it a go, this project is about that , people have become so discouraged, I’m trying to help with this…it’s a couple of months, 12 hours a week, interesting hopefully and let’s hope it gets some positive things going, it’s all I can do if I keep doing what I know how to do